Modicon (Schneider)
The following Modicon courses are available.
Modicon Introduction Course
Modicon Concept Software Course
Unity Pro
Citect Intoduction Course
Citect Intermediate Course
Magelis Course
Magelis XBT-G Vijeo Designer Course
Modicon 884
Modicon 984 Basic
Modicon 984 Advanced
Modicon PanelMate
Modicon Quantum Basic
Modicon Quantum Advanced
Modicon Modbus Plus
Modicon Basic PLC course with SoMachine
Proworx NXT to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx32 Conversion
Modsoft to Proworx NXT Conversion Conversion
SoMachine basic
SoMachine upgrade
Magelis (Not XBT_G) Duration 1.5 days
Magelis Introduction
Overview of Magelis Models.
Installing the software.
Creating an application.
Getting Started
Launching the Software.
Opening a New Application.
Selecting an XBT Type.
Selecting a Ptotocol.
Basic Graphics
Entering Text on an New Application
Entering Variable Fields
Creating Links to other pages
Entering Text and Variable Fields in Other Pages
Modifying Variable Fields
Further Functions
Creating Alarm Pages
Configuring Terminal Parameters
Configuring the Dialogue Table
Setting Alarm priority
Saving the application
Working with function keys
Connecting the PC to the Magelis Terminal
Uploading the application to the Magelis terminal
Connecting the Magelis terminal to the PLC
Viewing and acknowledging alarms
General Information about alarm pages
What happens if an alarm occurs
How does alarm priority work
Viewing the alarm list
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.
Magelis XBT-G Vijeo Designer Duration 2 days
Magelis Basics
Introduction Magelis
Memory management
Preparing a target for use
Getting Started
Introduction to Vijeo Designer
PLC communication panels
Further Functions
Data sharing
Web Gate
All topics are reinforced with practical exercises throughout the course.